About me

Hi, my name is Manjeet Singh.

I am on a mission to work with businesses and executives to coach them on leveraging to new levels of success.

I have over a decade of consulting experience with major multi-national corporations. As a certified coach with international coaching federation, I know what it takes to excel in the corporate world and to be successful in your role. 

As a published author and a keynote speaker, I am passionate about decoding how professionals make biggest of their dreams come true.

I’m the Founder of “The Progressive Business Academy” and founder of the “The Progressive Professional Mastermind Salon”. I am also co-author of the book “The business of managing emotions: A three-dimensional approach.

I believe that any working professional, who wants to have fun at work, needs to have a high level of awareness. Awareness not just about numbers and the tasks at hand, but also about how they are feeling about it.

You are somebody who values not just process, codes and tasks but the human aspect of work as well. You are confident in what you have, had a track record for success but are still craving more. You have a bigger vision and driven to make it happen and make a difference. You are ok to take a risk at workplace because you truly believe in what you do.

If you are looking for someone to be your sounding-board, to identify ways to enable you to excel in what you do, let us connect. I am confident that for all of us, our best is yet to come.

The Business of Managing Emotions

 A Three-dimensional Approach - by Manjiri Gokhale Joshi and Manjeet Singh

We work to create value in terms of sustenance or satisfaction. During this journey of creating value, we feel. Regardless of whether we are allowed to demonstrate it in public or whether we admit it to ourselves or not, whatever occurs at the workplace generates emotional moods.

The expression of these emotions at work greatly depends on the social and cultural norms of various countries, regions, industries and the personal preference of people themselves. But the truth is, these emotions exist!

The Navrasas comprise four negative emotional moods (rasas) that could hold back work performance, four positive ones that could spur productivity and a ninth one, which is the aim of this journey - the ability to sift the personal from the professional. The Business of Managing Emotions: A Three-Dimensional Approach offers practical solutions to leverage emotions at work through a three-dimensional emotional management (3-DEM) framework - an amalgamation of the performing arts, the medical science and the evolving social science of management.

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