About you

You are an entrepreneur, manager, leader, developer, project manager, business analyst, consultant and anyone who considers themselves a working professional.

You also consider yourself as someone who is passionate and hungry about achieving something. You are proactive and have a track record of success.

But still you are hungry for more.

You are in the right place.

One of you biggest challenge is only you understand the vision you are trying to create in the workspace you are in. You are creating something, and deep inside you know there is so much more you can offer that people cannot see.

I Love working professional who are not in the game of paying the bills, but want to create something that they would consider as “Freaking awesome!”

You have helped yourself get to a point, where you are hungry to do more, can see the dots but failing to connect them. You can, but with something different from what you have been aware of so far.

Here are somethings that help you excel but slow you down at the same time.

You are a performer.

When you are given a task or you have a goal in your mind, you see the finish line that leads you to it. And you go for it. But something you see more than one red line and you get confused which path to take and it slows you down and your performance.

You are successful but lazy.

People admire you, they look up to what you do. But deep inside you know, how much more potential you have and that you just getting started. Deep inside you know you are just being lazy and not giving it a 100% yet.

You thrive outside your comfort zone.

The outside comfort zone where you think “Why did I take this up?”. It’s a place where you have pushed yourself just enough to be scared, and you know that the risk you are taking could have been avoided by taking the easier option but still get the work done.

You need problems.

You have a glimpse of the future, but you are really about today and the now. You want problems to be coming your way as you consider it as am identifier of success and you want to solve them one by one instead of being excited about how close you are to the big vision.

You are an artist at work.

You want to something unique everyday every time. You don’t like business as usual. You want numbers, performance, output rising up and different and better outcome every time

You are resourceful.

You have all the resource around you, but that itself becomes an issue as you miss out on the alternate resource you could have used. People are surprised by your workarounds and the output you give, but you don’t see what else you could have used as those resources are hidden in your blind spots.

You struggle between being a manager and a leader.

The higher you are in he management, the leader inside you gets trapped in the executive shell. And it becomes harder for you to have real conversation with your team who then become just numbers instead of people at work. Top performers often have few people in their world willing to say exactly what they need to hear the most.

My clients found me as someone who never agrees with how they think things are. I don’t give any magic pills, or systems, or framework. I hear your stories but listen to the beliefs it is coming from. I don’t look at your world from you view, I look at it as it is. My client feel vulnerable while coaching with me, but they also feel safe and genuine while exploring the side that other wise they miss.

To know more about coaching with me, let’s connect.